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Revenue Streams

Stability Fees:
The Stability fee is paid by every Vault owner when debt is paid down and/or completely paid off. It is an annual percentage yield that is calculated on top of the existing Vault debt. Stability fees must be paid in TAD only. This is currently set at 2% (subject to Rubix Governance).
Deposit Fees:
At this time there are no deposit fees other than what the typical user gas costs (subject to Rubix Governance).
Rubix Protocol Auctions:
See ‘Liquidations’ section.
How Protocol revenue is distributed:
Revenue is distributed to Rubix stakers at 2% annual return with the rest of the generated revenue going back to the treasury fund.
How users benefit from Protocol revenue:
At this time, the primary benefit to RBX holders will be selling generated revenue and 'buying and burning' RBX. This will primarily be facilitated through Rubix Governance votes. However, an automated smart contract may be developed at a later stage by the DAO community.
How Protocol revenue is tracked:
We assume that a dashboard functionality will be developed by the DAO community at a later stage.